Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Highly Recommended Wellbeing Centre in Galway

This is more than a SPA.Our Holistic therapies (Massage, Reiki, Meditation and Coaching)  It is a different concept of well being. An escape. A quest to push the reset button.It's a recovery zone. it's a transformative realm of unapologetic indulgence. Where time takes you back to where you once belonged.

Pampering you is our highest purpose. Though our carefully selected range of signature treatments and amenities we stimulate the Soul, relax the Mind and heal the Body.

Holistic Qi Centre Galway is your place to re tune and indulge your well being. Let our chillout space relaxing enviroment set the stage for a sensory journey bring you into a natural state of harmony.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Holistic Centre Galway

Our Holistic therapies, Healing Massage, Reiki, Meditation and Coaching work with the Qi(Chi) Energy of the Body.

We provide internal and external treatments all in one Place.
Medical and psychological support is offered if you like.

Holistic Qi Centre :"The New Concept" is more than a Business, it is a space focused on healing knowledge and therapies, bringing together highly qualified professional healers, each with their own speciality in holistic treatment, based in the West of Ireland.

Together we are looking to promote traditional wellbeing methods including herbal treatments, healing classes, conferences and teaching various techniques used around the globe.

We base each treatment around the guest's specific condition to tackle each issue directly. 

We are aiming to make this space a second home for our clients, creating a familiar atmosphere where therapist love to practice and where guest always feel welcome.

We offer special promotions individually tailored to loyal clients instead of the usual multiple treatment package that most businesses offer.

The healers are very proud of the services they provide and love being able to help our customers through improving health and mental well being with specially provided treatments.

You will love our amazing services and from the very first visit you will be delighted by the warm and personal attention you will receive and in time become a familiar face and even part of our family here at the centre.

Best Selling Product

Massage in Galway & NEW PRODUCT

We are proud to have Moroccan Black soap on sale here in Holistic Centre Galway. It is imported from Morocco directly for us and is based on an old recipe produced for centuries originating from the city of Marrakech.

Black soap is derived from the left over olive skins after olive oil is produced, oils and salt and is rich in vitamin E. This gives a great product that is good for your body and is used as a beauty product in Morocco. This product is mainly used in Hammam treatments and is usually applied to skin using a special kessa glove.

This luxurious Moroccan Black soap the ingredients it also offer therapeutic value

  • Purifies the skin
  • Deep cleans the skin by removing toxins and dead skin cells
  • Increases the blood and lymph circulation with its anti-microbial proprieties
  • Rich in vitamine E
  • Relieve itchi back due to an excess of dead ski


Thursday, 9 February 2017

Holistic Centre Galway

Welcome to you Beauty and Health Dream
Adress:2d.William Street,West End Galway

Are you feeling under the weather?Are you taking too many medication?Do you feel frustrated by not being able to identify the cause of your symptoms?
Are you looking for an alternative medicine and more natural way to reclaiming your health and vitality? Your natural path  to great health and well-being begins here with our therapies (Massage,Reiki, Meditation and Coaching)


Join us at Holistic Qi Centre and get the every day benefits with Less Stress and with a Guaranteed Success in your health and mind why not Pamper yourself to a different Experience of Healing your Mind and Body.

We Love to Change Lives and Make your Day Special.

We are an Innovative Centre focusing on providing Alternative Medicine and International Healing Techniques with Qualified Professionals.

We believe that today's stresses and fast paced world is the biggest cause of our Mental Condition, as it alters the balance of the body therefore we have introduced new techniques to help improve your mental, emotional and physical needs.